Three Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015 by @adhutchinson

Another year in the evolution of digital marketing has come and gone. Some former best practices have fallen by the wayside, some strategies that would’ve been considered absolutely essential 12 months ago have now died, drifting off to the virtual graveyard in the clouds. The decline of organic reach on Facebook, the continued rise of video content, the death of Google authorship – so much can change within the space of 52 weeks. And now we’re looking forward, predicting what’s on the horizon for the future of digital marketing, what trends brands should be watching for in 2015. So where should you be looking? What new skills should you be boning up on in anticipation of the next big shift? Here are three things to consider in your marketing planning for the new year.




Top 3 Tech Innovations To Improve Digital Customer Experience in 2015

Within this world in perpetual digital evolution, it is hard to foresee what is going to happen. But it is still possible to study early adopters‘ experiences and the work done by analysts and research labs around the world, to see clues of what the future holds for us. Here’s a brief look into three technology innovations ready to create an impact on how we deliver customer experiences.

Internet of Things: 2014 was the year I-o-T has become a main trend, 2015 will be the year the interconnection between devices will start delivering special experiences.

Wearable Tech: smartwatches, activity trackers, virtual reality headsets, smart glasses. For the past year the main implementation of the wearable revolution has been for very simple tasks, mainly related to fitness blended with gamification.

Data Analytics: as mobile markets grow and go beyond the smartphone, companies will be able to gather a huge amount of information about competitors and customers. In the era of Big Data, to reach a better knowledge and plan efficient strategies you will need to make sense of numbers and statistics.





Intuit’s CEO on Building a Design-Driven Company – HBR

Timothy Archibald When Scott Cook cofounded Intuit, in 1983, many other companies were already offering software to help people track their finances.


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How enterprises see big data analytics changing the competitive landscape next … – CloudTech

87% of enterprises believe big data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years.


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How Tech Is Transforming Customer Experience – Techonomy

Interactions spanning multiple platforms and communication channels in the physical and online worlds are known as “the omnichannel customer experience.”


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Q Does Customer Service Design Requires Continuous Improvement? A Yes, it has

Finding customer service design processes to continually improve is not rocket science. Average or less customer service is the norm in many industries.


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