Why Design Needs Entrepreneurship (and Entrepreneurship Needs Design)

In my opinion, there are two conversations that are a waste of time. One is “should designers learn to code”. The other is, “should designers learn the language of business.” The first is easy to a…

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Big data: Big hype or big hope?

One quarter of APAC businesses have invested in big data, according to a research report just released by Gartner. Customer experience use cases are top priority, especially in financial services and retail — a trend that’s reflected in Australia.

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Q: A differentiating customer experience? A: These Ingredients

Six essential ingredients are necessary to create a differentiating customer experience. Answers to these questions will tell the story.

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Cosmopolis {David Cronenberg, 2012}

Cosmopolis {David Cronenberg, 2012


Six Holiday Shopper Insights to Drive Your Customer Experience

Providing an optimal customer experience is especially crucial during the holidays if you want to converts browsers to buyers.

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Carmudi’s Co-Founder on Entrepreneurship, Ecosystems and eCommerce

Fritz Simons, global managing director and co-founder of Carmudi, is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on competitive advantage and go to market strategy.

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CMOs Pressed to Lead Customer Experience Efforts, But Their Progress Is Lacking

only 6% of marketers said customer experience was their most important strategic priority in 2014.

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The LinkedIn of Things via @AnitaWindisman

Without question, LinkedIn has forever altered the business landscape — both digitally and in the physical world. Nowadays, so much of what we call business or career development is carried out regularly on this site….

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