Adaptive Path’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Effective User Journey Maps

User journey mapping is one of the tools that UX pros use to find and address the weakest points in customer experience with the product.





4 Keys to Creating a Differentiating Customer Experience

The customer experience is increasingly becoming the benchmark marketers care about. Find out why.


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2015: The Year Of The Mobile Singularity

Many enterprises seem content to toe-dip in the mobile deluge. That’s unwise. As Facebook, Uber and a host of mobile-first companies up-end traditional ways of communicating and commuting, companies that don’t take a mobile-first position risk becoming the Microsofts of their industries: big and profitable from yesterday’s businesses, but struggling for relevance in tomorrow’s enterprise.

In 2015 we should expect to see enterprises finally get serious about mobile as they stare obsolescence in the face.

The Mobile Singularity

Given our fixation with our smartphones (the average person looks at her phone over 200 times per day, which will jump to 400-500 times per day when wearables take off), it won’t surprise anyone that mobile is big. Exactly how big, however, is almost shocking.

Consider data from Ericsson, which suggests that 90% of the global population over 6 years of age will own a mobile phone by 2020, with 9.5 billion mobile subscriptions by the same year:


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The #Marketing Analytics Practice Is Evolving: How Can You Adapt?

As the saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change. But in digital marketing today, change is not only constant but also rapid and all-inclusive




Q: A Titan of Sales? A: Ted Coine and The Human Touch

Ted Coine recounts the path that took him from September 11 to a top author on customer centricity and social business.




Q: How to Win At Social Media In 2015 A: 5 Best Practices To Help You

you live in the digital space and participate in digital marketing of any kind, you know that the trends and best practices can change on a regular basis.

Social media teams and internet marketing professionals already know that they have to keep on top of the changing landscape of marketing on the internet.

Here are 5 social media marketing best practices for 2015 to ensure you’re winning at social in the new year.


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