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Yesterday I attended the VCN Annual Conference in the Netherlands. The chair of the Dutch Customer Service Federation announced 3 action points because of the T-Mobile customer service riot. These are reducing waiting lines, improved collaboration and improving complaint management.  Not a very effective approach in 2011, in my humble opinion.  May be time to acknowledge and start acting according to insights like these.

Found at Is Customer Service the New Marketing? | Fast Company.

How Thor Muller and the gang at Get Satisfaction have helped thousands of companies and millions of consumers transform the fundamental notions of customer service.

Thor MullerJust three years ago, you needed to be a prominent blogger like Jeff Jarvis or Bob Garfield to make an online noise loud enough to inspire a company response to a particular product or service issue. It was about that time that Thor Muller, Co-founder and CTO of Get Satisfaction, developed an online tool that would “allow anybody that same power,” to in essence, “get satisfaction by pulling the company in.

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Leverage Your Customer Experience in Growing the Top Line Cheaply by John Goodman

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You can’t cost-cut your call center into sustainable prosperity—you must grow the company’s financial well-being. The challenge is how you cut costs in the call center without massive investment in advertising, marketing and sales staffing. The answer is to let your customers do your selling for you while reducing operating costs in your call center. There is a solid link between a better customer experience and an improved bottom line; that is, you can achieve a better customer experience at lower cost.

Focus on the Customer Experience

There are three factors impacting revenue, all of which can be estimated using existing data sources, with your customer base able to offer a precise estimate of your revenue opportunity.

Let’s look at these three factors.

1. Loyalty. Loyal customers are a continuing stream of revenue

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