Experience Marketing: How to Build a Customer-Centric Marketing Machine

Marketing Strategy – To create more connected brand experiences for our customers, we need to go from inside-out digital marketing to outside-in, cross-channel experience marketing—which focuses on the customer’s needs and intent.

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The Path to Purchase: The Evolution of How We Buy [Infographic]

Learn how people have changed their purchasing habits during the past hundred years.


It’s the great American pastime.


No, I’m not talking about baseball. Or stuffing your face with apple pie. Or arguing about politics with your family over Thanksgiving dinner. No, I’m talking about the great American pastime of buying stuff.

Unlike those other pastimes, however, which have remained relatively unchanged over the years, the way we buy has evolved considerably. For example …

In 1914, you might’ve been tempted to buy a (non-branded) pastry after noticing a delicious smell emanating from the local bakery.

In 2014, you might be tempted to buy a Pop-Tart after seeing a commercial for Pop-Tarts on TV, or after reading an article about Pop-Tarts on The Wall Street Journal website, or after hearing about (or attending) a Pop-Tarts-branded summer concert series.


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Cold days | Juliette in Wonderland

Juliette in Wonderland



Kerry Bodine, “From User Experience to Customer Experience” – YouTube

We’ve entered the Age of the Customer — an era where a focus on customers matters more than any other strategic business imperative. With this shift, the bus…

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A Visual Introduction to Customer Lifetime Value [#Infographic]

Check out this visual explanation of customer lifetime value (CLV), and how retention and satisfaction play into customer value.

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2015 - Kaylee Daily

2015 – Kaylee Daily


Making Sense of Irrational Customer Behavior

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Hugz by *December Sun on Flickr.


Q: Where Do your customers Come From?

Where do customers come from? Where do views come from?

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