Has The MBA Become A Worthless Degree?

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Is the MBA a worthless degree?If you asked Dale Stephens, the 21-year-old author of Hacking Your Education, he would undoubtedly agree. In a highly provocative excerpt from the book recently (Is an MBA worth it?

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Developing design thinking practice in complex organisations by Zaana Howard

Seminar given at Boras University, 22 November 2012 and Linkoping University, 29 November 2012. This seminar content is based on my phd research & preliminary findings.

(Note: special thanks to Kate Davis for allowing me to adapt her slide template)


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The Five Cs of Opportunity Identification – Scott Anthony – Harvard Business Review

Found at The Five Cs of Opportunity Identification – Scott Anthony – Harvard Business Review.

Simply asking “what job is the customer trying to get done?” can be a powerful way to enable innovation, because it forces you to go beyond superficial demographic markers that correlatewith purchase and use to zero in on frustrations and desires that motivate purchase and use

Read all at The Five Cs of Opportunity Identification – Scott Anthony – Harvard Business Review.

My point of view: I always love variations on the CCCCC-theme of this blog

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Social Media: Executive MBA Course by Martijn Arts

Social media explained to CIO’s attending an Executive MBA in Business & IT at Nyenrode Business University (Breukelen, Netherlands). Containing seven blocks of theory and practical assignments. The goal is described as follows: “Social media connects us all. It speeds up communication processes and poses new challenges in a world that is becoming more and more dynamic and connected. Goal for you is to learn to rethink your communication, organization and business in this new dynamic and connected era. Rethinking will simplify complex challenges and help you and your organisation learn and develop.”

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Please note that the author’s company works for my current employer. But there is no relation between these activities and me as an employee, as a professional or as a person.

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