Why Personalized Marketing Will Dominate in 2015 [Infographic]

Marketing Strategy – Check out these five reasons to include personalized marketing in your planning for 2015.

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Article: SMBs Say Yes to Data

Marketers of all sizes may struggle at times to make sense of data and analytics, but even the little guys are using it to make smarter business decisions, according to research from Constant Contact. Nearly eight in 10 US small-business professionals surveyed said they believed they were doing this—and another 8% said they wished they were.

Three-quarters also thought their use of data and analytics would “give them a business advantage.” Just 4% disagreed.

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A Closer Look At Email Engagement

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Reputation and engagement are increasingly important factors when it comes to reaching your audience through email marketing. For a Marketer, this is the most fragile, difficult relationship to maintain: email engagement.One wrong step can end in …

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Giedrius Ivanauskas: is social media damaging our social skills? – Social Email Marketing

What do you think=

Found at Giedrius Ivanauskas: is social media damaging our social skills? – Social Email Marketing.

Here is a new post from Giedrius Ivanauskas from Social Media Citizens and co-founder of the Social Marketing Forum. Are social media turning us into unmannered creatures?

Recently, I read an article on the Telegraphwebsite, talking about research that suggests that “Mobile phones and social media are stealing our manners” and “damaging our social skills“. I think it’s nonsense.

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