Trend Reports are So Trendy Right Now

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This January, like most January’s, I have been pulled into a number of internal and external projects involving creating or updating trend reports for ongoing transactional surveys. Let’s face it – they’re addicting.

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3 Tools for Futures Thinking & Foresight Development

Lot of attention paid to trends on this blog.


This post outlines and stresses the importance of amongst others trends analysis and trends watching.

Found at 3 Tools for Futures Thinking & Foresight Development « emergent by design.

Here, we look at three techniques for honing your ability to see beyond the horizon.

1. Trend Analysis

In order to develop the capacity for imagining alternative futures and create design solutions accordingly, it is useful to be aware of the current driving forces and megatrends underway.

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JWT’s top 10 marketing trends for 2011

JWT has issued another year’s worth of predictions in a two-minute video from its JWT Intelligence division, and if its soothsayers are correct, brands will be inspired next year by the world of gaming to increase revenue and add buzz; consumers will choose to rent rather than buy big goods; and more consumers will opt in to limited-time sale offers such as group buying.

The top 10 trends of 2010 accurately precicted brands would begin to disclose more information on their packaging and a rise in location-based targeting.

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10 Marketing Trends for 2011

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I recently completed a new point-of-view for my firm which outlines how I think marketing will be changing in the next few years.  It’s surprising how many times I’ve revised it in just a month, so my top 10 predictions for next year will probably change just as quickly.

Given that disclaimer, here’s what I see as the big issues facing marketers next year:

  1. Customer engagement is
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The Pashley Britannica, which debuted this Spring and was modeled after Pashely’s Princess line. A nod to Pashley’s native Britain, it comes in blue and white as well. Swoon…

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Pearlman’s Leading Without Seeing: managing distributed teams

Not only applicable for project teams but also for line managers, implementing Results Only Working Environments. Great resolution for 2011


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Trend 2011: The Phone Call Is Dead

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OUT OF ORDER payphonephoto © 2008 mikemore info (via: Wylio)In the tech industry saying that something is deadactually means “It’s on the decline.” And yes, the phone call is on an inexorable decline.

My original title for this post was “The Phone Call Will Be Dead In __ Years” but as consumer inertia is somehow still keeping our parent company Aol in the dialup business,  I thought it might be prudent not to include an ETA on the death of the call.

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