The Not-So-Standard Rules of Engagement with Digital Consumers by Ogilvy & Mather

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Let’s face it, what we think we know about digital consumer behavior tomorrow is already yesterday’s news today. Today’s digital consumers are always evolving and living by a set of rules that they make. There is no longer a single framework to attract consumers. Instead, we need to develop a not-so-standard approach to engage our audiences. The Not-So-Standard Rules of Engagement is a series of guidelines that gives brands the leading edge in digital engagement while co-evolving with consumers as the next round of app updates enters their queue.

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Get Your Employees Engaged

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Doug Conant, former president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, explains how to improve staff morale.

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Visualizing a Plenitude Economy

Red Rims

This fun animation provides a vision of what a post-consumer society could look like, with people working fewer hours and pursuing re-skilling, homesteading, and small-scale enterprises that can help reduce the overall size and impact of the consumer economy. Narrated by economist and best-selling author Juliet Schor (

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Freddie Lakers 2010 classic deck: Social Media 2012 Master


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Seth’s Blog: The hard part (one of them)

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Loved his Broom of the System of late David Foster Wallace. And yes, it is true. It was one of the hard parts.

Found at Seth’s Blog: The hard part (one of them).

A guy asked his friend, the writer David Foster Wallace,

“Say, Dave, how’d y’get t’be so dang smart?”

His answer:

“I did the reading.”

No one said the preparation part was fun, but yes, it’s important. I wonder why we believe we can skip it and still be so dang smart.

Read more at Seth’s Blog: The hard part (one of them).

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