IDC: Your Customer Experience Cup Is Just Half Full

A month after IDC warned companies about the tough challenges in improving customer experience, a new survey by the research firm shows little more than half the firms are even trying.About 53 percent of the 799 organizations in the follow-up…

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Michael Fauscette: Social Software, Feature or Product?

Found at Michael Fauscette: Social Software, Feature or Product?.

We have this debate running about social software and whether it’s, for the most part anyway, a set of features that should be embedded in other products / platforms, or long term stand-a-lone products.

Read all at Michael Fauscette: Social Software, Feature or Product?.

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IDC: Technology Consumerization is Overhauling the IT Role CIO.com

Found at IDC: Technology Consumerization is Overhauling the IT Role CIO.com.

The consumerisation of technology in the workplace, whereby users bring in their own devices and even sign up to their own choice of cloud systems, is drastically changing the role of the IT department.

5 Reasons Why CIOs Can’t Ignore Consumerization of IT

Read all at IDC: Technology Consumerization is Overhauling the IT Role CIO.com.

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5 Predictions for 2011 From IDC

Found at 5 Predictions for 2011 From IDC.

IDC logoSick of 2011 predictions yet? We’ve got just a few more. Analyst firm IDCreleased its 2011 predictions report this week, too late to be included in our earlier analyst firms predictions round-up. “Transformation” is IDC’s watchword for next year. According to the firm, transformation driven by the cloud, mobility and analytics. “In addition to creating new markets and opportunities, this restructuring will overthrow nearly every assumption about who the industry’s leaders will be and how they establish and maintain leadership,” says

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Michael Fauscette: Why are Businesses Implementing Social Software?

Michael Fauscette: Why are Businesses Implementing Social Software?.


Why are Businesses Implementing Social Software?

We recently conducted a social business adoption survey, our second this year, and in reviewing the results we’re seeing some very exciting patterns emerge. My colleague, Erin Traudt, who manages the enterprise collaboration and social solutions practice in my group is doing a three part series on our IDC group blog on the whole survey so I won’t redo that effort here. What I want to look at in detail is the question of why

To be continued  at http://www.mfauscette.com/software_technology_partn/2010/10/why-are-businesses-implementing-social-software.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+MichaelFauscette+Michael+Fauscette&utm_content=FaceBook


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IDC Video Podcast:: It’s Time to Get Serious About Enterprise 2.0

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Robert Mahowald, Research Director, IDC, discusses how organizations today are using innovative Enterprise 2.0 tools for more efficient business operations across the extended enterprise.

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