Seasonal greetings and this year top posts

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Recommended exhibition: The Subversion of Images Surrealism, Photography, and Film @Winterthur

Capgemini’s 10 Game-changing technology shifts for 2012

Rethinking the Marketing Funnel in a World of Social Media | David Rogers Blog

Forrester about The Extended CRM Application Ecosystem: Value, Risk and the Future of Social CRM

Fred Zimny recommends this toolkit for Preparing Your Own Blue Ocean-Performance Dashboard

10 Ways to Attract Employees to Your Intranet

Johnston & Clark’s 2008 Volume Variety matrix a reminder of this weeks service ops lecture and process design focus.

Top 10 CEOs Who Never Went to College Infographic The Rise of Walking and Biking

Some insights, some driven by data:

  1. About 150 readers are subscribed to the posts on this blog. I really appreciate being connected with you. Myapologies for any inconvenciences in 2012 (mainly due to expirementing with content sharing). Again, really appreciated and being aware of the fact that there is an audience enables me to maintain highly professional standards. Thank you.
  2. Blogging and content curation are still effective to maintain professional standards.

  3. Looking at these tops posts, it is quality content that matters.
  4. These are the most used tags for serve4impact.
  5. Because i like to share again and again Business Business Services Change Consulting CRM and Web 2.0 Customer Customer experienceCustomer Management Customer relationship management Customer service Customer Service Management Design Education Enterprise 2.0 Facebook Front Office and Customer Service Front Office and Customer Service Operations, Knowledge management, Performance management Google Information Technology Innovation Knowledge management Leadership Links, Misc. & Tweets Making sense of leadership Management Marketing Marketing and Advertising Personal Productivity Recovery and the way out of the crisis, recession and depression Social CRM and social business Social Enterprise Social media Social networkTechnology Transition Trends Twitter United States Vision Vision, visionaries, vision things, trends Ways of Seeing

  6. Search drives the visits And then in low four digits or even digits traffic come frome

    Search Engines Google Reader StumbleUpon Twitter Netvibes Facebook
    Taken into account these data, 2013 will be a year in which social sharing will be more dominant. By the way, what social sharing tool do you miss?

  7. My audience is true global (my stats show 5 countries with no readers). I miss China and 2013 will be the year to see how to reach a Chinese audience.
  8. These are my top contries
    United States FlagUnited StatesUnited Kingdom FlagUnited KingdomNetherlands FlagNetherlandsIndia FlagIndiaCanada FlagCanadaUkraine FlagUkraineAustralia FlagAustraliaGermany FlagGermanyFrance FlagFrancePhilippines FlagPhilippines

Eine Tasse Kaffee (by moneboh)

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Tieto’s Why Traditional Intranets Fail Today’s Knowledge Workers

摄影女孩旅途之美With the current pace of change, organizations will have to be prepared for the unexpected. They will have to provide flexible access to people and information resources to serve unanticipated information

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Global Intranet Trends for 2011 (part 3)

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Just to re-cap all of the data and the charts shown in this post are from a report which Jane McConnell put together.  You can find the report available for purchase as well as a link to her new survey for 2012 here.

Let’s start things off by looking at the soft benefits that organizations are seeing as a result of deploying “social media” tools within their organizations.  Just a quick point of clarification “leaders” as seen in the charts below refers to what Jane classified as leading companies, not leaders within organizations.  We can see that the greatest soft benefit is “better informed employees.”  This of course makes sense but I’m personally curious to understand how better informed employees can make better decisions at work!

Based on the research that I am doing for my book and the survey

Just to re-cap all of the data and the charts shown in this post are from a report which Jane McConnell put together.  You can find the report available for purchase as well as a link to her new survey for 2012 here Read all at 



Phptocredit” delightfulcycles


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Recommended: Sometimes you don’t have an intranet problem but a search problem


Coincidence: same remark applicable in a current project made yesterday…..

Recommended: Sometimes you don’t have an intranet problem but a search problem

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Recommended: Duperrin’s Links for this week

Recommended: Links for this week (weekly) – Why Companies Need to Be More Transparent: The Customer Orientation Pers…

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Social Intranet – The Intersection Diagram « … or not

Found at Social Intranet – The Intersection Diagram « … or not.

Social Intranet – The Intersection Diagram

Often in SharePoint 2010 implementations we see Portals, Team sites and Social sites being treated as separate conceptual entities. Although they have their own merits and add specific value individualy, it is in “the intersection” where we find the ideal balance of flexibility, context and business alignment for open collaboration. Furthermore, in the intersection, the user experience allow us to easily flow between the different spheres and levels of formality.

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Recommended: On Intranets 2.0 :

Recommended: On Intranets 2.0 : one person but several roles and attitudes

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