The State and Future of Social Business by Jeremiah Owyang

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The State of Social Business
Trend 1: Corporate Websites Reborn
Trend 2: Social Becomes Automated
Trend 3: To be Heard, You Will Pay
Pragmatic Recommendations

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The Corporate Social Media Team Profile | Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

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Excerpted from the article intro: “How are today’s social media teams structured? Ever wonder who’s behind those corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts?   Think there’s more to it than an intern just tweeting haphazardly?   This data, in the below graphic, is compiled from Altimeter’s recent survey to 144 global national corporations with over 1000 employees shows how today’s teams in 2011 are breaking down.   This is the core team that operates the social media program within a corporation, often within corporate communications or a marketing function they will work with other business units.   For very large corporations, they may be fragmented among many business units (the Dandelion model), and this data doesn’t even include agency, consultants, or even research firms who help out.”   Here’s what they have found:

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