Michael Fauscette: Why are Businesses Implementing Social Software?

Michael Fauscette: Why are Businesses Implementing Social Software?.


Why are Businesses Implementing Social Software?

We recently conducted a social business adoption survey, our second this year, and in reviewing the results we’re seeing some very exciting patterns emerge. My colleague, Erin Traudt, who manages the enterprise collaboration and social solutions practice in my group is doing a three part series on our IDC group blog on the whole survey so I won’t redo that effort here. What I want to look at in detail is the question of why

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Recommended read:Don’t Create a Social Frankenstein

I am aware of the fact that this post has some namedropping. But as I am not associated with Jive in any way, I decided to refer to this sound approach.

Found at Don’t Create a Social Frankenstein.

Chances are you’ve experimented with all sorts of social technologies. You’ve got wikis, blogs and team collaboration sites. You may even have a public customer community. And now every legacy tool vendor under the sun is adding social bling to their software.

It might be tempting to try to stitch all of these things together to create a Social Business platform.


You’ll end up with a monster. A Social Frankenstein.

You’ll end up with something that has all the right parts, but lacks soul. That spells certain death to your Social Business strategy.

Done right, Social Business will become the soul of your company. It will change the way you engage your employees, customers and partners.

At Jive, we’ve found that customers are most successful when they implement a cohesive Social Business strategy based on a couple key principles:


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