What’s Klout all about? Have you got Kred? The low-down on digital influence

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Digital Influence is one of the hottest trends in social media, yet is largely misunderstood. Brian Solis‘ report for the Altimeter group drills into it to help you understand what’s important . . .

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Klout boils down to a $ value #infographic

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Nothing wrong with that when it’s transparent – Klout is about $ values, to marketers for information about you and your online behaviours, and to you, as suggested in the infographic.
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Don’t retweet the revolution | johnstepper

Feel free

Go outside, leave the inner circle and make small real steps in an altering world. Indeed, creating awareness is one thing, realizing goals and dreams the ultimate thing. What do u think?

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I was inspired by all the stories of people coming together to make a difference. It felt like a movement, and I wanted to be part of it. So I tried to become the “social media and collaboration guy” at my firm.

Until something happened that got me off the sidelines.



After more than a year, though, I failed to make the kind of difference I was rooting for.

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Don’t retweet the revolution | johnstepper

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