Clay Shirky Says Good Collaboration is Structured Fighting

Form, storm, perform, mourn is it often in projects. And productive friction keeps organizations, professionals and persons sharp. So true, as one experiences every dat

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Companies and projects focusing on large-scale collaboration might want to start thinking about collaboration in a new way. Clay Shirky, author of  Here Comes Everybody closed out the second day ofLinuxCon North America 2011 with a contrarian look at collaboration. While many treat collaboration as a “love fest” or harmonious interaction, Shirky put forward the idea that productive methods of fighting are the most successful, particularly in open source.

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11 themes of the Zeitgeist for 2011

Great read in these post Christmas and ante 2011-days.

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Our recently launch Map of the Decade triptych comprised three parts: the Map of the Decade, details on the ExaTrends of the Decade, and the 11 themes of the Zeitgeist for 2011.

I think may have been a mistake to put the Map of the Decade and Zeitgeist themes in the one document, as many only see the front page and don’t get to the Zeitgeist themes, and they come from quite different perspectives (1 year as against 10 years). As such, I’ve taken out the Zeitgeist themes here, with the image and full text below. Click on the image to download the complete pdf – go to page 3 for descriptions of the Zeitgeist themes.
Zeitgeist for 2011

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Photocredit: Enrico Colussi

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