Putting the Relationship back in Customer Relationship Management

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Recommended: Health Plans Deliver Poor Customer Experience

Recommended: #CRM #C Health Plans Deliver Poor Customer Experience http://ow.ly/1cs74w

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Recommended: I Am The Customer Experience not

a must for any city bike

Recommended: #CRM #C I Am The Customer Experience Not! – I’m in the Phoenix airport and noticed this American Airlin… http://ow.ly/1aYu1Z

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Recommended: Social CRM, A Simple Example in Dynamics CRM by Richard Knudson @ CustomerThink

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Found at Social CRM: A Simple Example in Dynamics CRM | CustomerThink.

In another article — Social CRM: An Introduction — I talked about what we mean by social CRM and tried to come up with a workable definition.

If you’re coming at this from a CRM-centric mindset (which I am), a good way to think of social CRM is that it considers information in the various social media as about your customers and potential customers. In Dynamics CRM terms, this very quickly leads to concrete thinking as follows:

  • Leads = “potential customers”
  • Accounts and Contacts = “customers”

If you’re just getting started with social CRM, it’s best to keep it simple at first, so here I’ll describe possibly the Simplest Ever customization of the Dynamics CRM contact

To be continued at http://www.customerthink.com/blog/social_crm_a_simple_example_in_dynamics_crm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+customerthink+(CustomerThink+-+All+Content)

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