Map Your Customer Journey [template]

Preact helps companies reduce churn and communicate with their customers more effectively by providing detailed user activity history within their existing support tools.

As I scour the internet looking for good examples of QBR templates, I’ve found very little beyond standard bullet point presentations. Yet isn’t the quarterly business review arguably the single most important presentation you make to your customers? No customer wants to get beat up by a “death by PowerPoint” presentation. So, why not make the customer success QBR an engaging experience?

In the spirit of righting a wrong, to spare you some of the pain of creating the presentation, and your customer the pain of enduring a bad one, we have created a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) Template. We hope you find it helpful. And definitely let us know any suggestions you may have.



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Recommended: Op-Ed Contributor – Mind Over Mass Media –

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Found at Op-Ed Contributor – Mind Over Mass Media –

NEW forms of media have always caused moral panics: the printing press, newspapers, paperbacks and television were all once denounced as threats to their consumers’ brainpower and moral fiber.So too with electronic technologies. PowerPoint, we’re told, is reducing discourse to bullet points. Search engines lower our intelligence, encouraging us to skim on the surface of knowledge rather than dive to its depths. Twitter is shrinking our attention spans.But such panics often fail basic reality checks. When comic books were accused of turning juveniles into delinquents in the 1950s, crime was falling to record lows, just as the denunciations of video games in the 1990s coincided with the great American crime decline. The decades of television, transistor radios and rock videos were also decades in which I.Q. scores rose continuously.

To be continued at  Op-Ed Contributor – Mind Over Mass Media –

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Rereading How to Become a Better Manager … By Thinking Like a Designer (july 2009)

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How to Become a Better Manager … By Thinking Like a Designer

Interview by Jimmy Guterman

July 1, 2009

Presentation experts Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds help world-renowned executives, politicians and thought leaders deliver stronger presentations. Here they reveal how to influence and persuade in a different way, regardless of whether you ever have to communicate via PowerPoint.

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