7 Strategies That Are Transforming Mobile Apps

Just as every company is now a publisher (or should be) if they wish to have an effective digital strategy, I believe the next phase of growth will be that marketing departments of every company need to be involved in the development of mobile and/or tablet applications. If that doesn’t sound like a reality – I’ll provide an example.

We recently designed and developed a mobile application for engineers to use to make a plethora of different conversions for calculations they need to make daily. The company we built it for is a surface technology company. Does the application sell? No! That’s not the point – the point is to have the company’s name top of mind as engineers are working day to day. Greater brand awareness and click to contact calls to action enable them to take the next step. Immediately upon release, over 300 users in their industry downloaded the application and are utilizing it daily. It is a huge acquisition and retention win with a minimal investment.

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Revamping Your Business Through Digital Transformation | MIT Sloan Management Review

By using mobile devices, social media, analytics and the cloud, savvy companies are transforming the way they do business.

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‘Tis is the season for mobile shopping

It used to be that heading out to stores on Black Friday — one of the biggest holiday shopping days of the season — was the best way to find great deals. Now, we may be carrying the best tool for finding deals in our pockets.

This coming weekend, expect to see many of your fellow shoppers checking for deals on their smartphones while braving the lines and crowds at the mall. Nearly 50% of 25-34 year-olds use their phone to shop online while standing in line at a store. And because we want to help you research products more easily this holiday weekend, we’re rolling out new mobile features to Google Shopping.



Branded Content (in Mobile) by Chris Schaumann

Reading recommended Irene Ng's  The 5 Myths of Servitization

Content is what we really want – Entertainment, Excitement and Education. On any screen, anytime. The pace of change in the Advertising & Technology landscape …

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Mobile app startups are failing like it’s 1999


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Stop the madness The long cycle times for developing mobile apps have led to startup failures that look more like 1999 – it’s like we’ve forgotten all the agile and rapid iteration stuff that we le…

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