Cluttered desk, cluttered mind

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Having a messy desk could be bad for your career. That’s the message from a new survey by US-based recruiter, OfficeTeam, who quizzed more than 500 HR managers at companies with 20 or more employees.

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The Dilbert paradox | The Ideas Economy

John Hagel, Kris Hagerman and John Seely Brown
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Found at The Dilbert paradox | The Ideas Economy. performance pressures mount in our global economy, competitive success will increasingly depend on resolving the Dilbert Paradox.

What is the Dilbert Paradox? If you ask any senior executives what their top priorities are, they will inevitably respond that talent is one of their top priorities. Got it. But then look at all the enormously popular cultural artifacts like Dilbert and The Office that so graphically demonstrate the absolutely stultifying effect of our daily work environments on talent. How do we reconcile these two observations?

(by Ben Torode)

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