What is this UX thing? by Abby Covert

distantheartbeats:</p><br />
<p>I couldn’t bear to stay indoors when the sun was out (it’s such a rare occurrence for us!) so I’m soaking up the sun and doing my revision outdoors for a wee while.

I would prefer Watch this UX thing.

From the author:

An entry level class answering the question, what is user experience?

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Carol Smith’s Selling UX in Your Organization -

Bring The Users: Selling UX in Your Organization was presented at Stir Trek 2012 in Columbus, Ohio by Carol Smith. You are convinced that UX work will not only save time and effort, but will also increase profits. Now you need to persuade your team to integrate UX activities into your work. This presentation will give you the facts to back up your convictions. Carol provides you with clear and compelling responses to tough questions about UX and usability methods. You’ll leave with facts about the Return on Investment (ROI) of UX, how to respond to UX skeptics, and how to turn your entire team into UX advocates.

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