Artist Talk: Alec Soth with George Slade

Soth discusses his work and the world of contemporary photography with Slade, curator at the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University. A Minnesota native, Slade is a former artistic director at the Minnesota Center for Photography and program director for the McKnight Artist Fellowships for Photographers. His writings appear in print and online, including his blog re:photographica. Related articles by Zemanta Some Questions – Alec Soth ( P.I.Y. – Publish It Yourself, Paris ( Lookbooks ( Art Exhibits At Retail Stores: Fashion Boutiques As Galleries ( Dalí, Richter and Houdini in Chains! ( Continue reading Artist Talk: Alec Soth with George Slade

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Watch this trailer: Dana LixenbergThe Last Days of Shishmaref

The Last Days of Shishmaref Shishmaref is disappearing. The village on an island off the coast of Alaska is slowly but surely being swallowed up by the sea. Global warming is causing the island’s protective permafrost layer to melt; the Chukchi Sea is freezing later in the season, leaving ravaging waves free to batter the island. It is estimated that the community of 600 Inupiaq Eskimos will have to leave their native land before 2020. Photographer Dana Lixenberg stayed in Shishmaref for several weeks during the winter and summer of 2007. She explored the intricate relationship between the inhabitants and … Continue reading Watch this trailer: Dana LixenbergThe Last Days of Shishmaref

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Book review: Yvon’s Paris by Robert Stevens

The core

The photographer Pierre Yves-Petit, who called himself “Yvon,” wandered the streets of Paris between the world wars looking for the moment when the shifting light and clouds would perfectly reveal the city’s ephemeral, iconic beauty. The dramatic images of the city and its people that he made during those years would become the most popular postcards in France. They can still be bought today on Parisian quais and are eagerly sought by collectors.

Pierre Yves-Petit  job and his love of the city, whose streets he often wandered early in the morning and late at night. In his photography he was able to seize the Paris highlights, the  beauty of the streets and gardens in a  beautiful blend of black, white and grey.  As Yvon,  he captured the essence of the city in his photographs, having published  his work on photocards.  His efforts met greet commercial success. Continue reading “Book review: Yvon’s Paris by Robert Stevens”