Does Your Content Lead to Service Innovation or a Veneer of Expertise?

After having read Qin Han’s excellent Practices and Principles in Service Design, I still wonder that there is an urgent need to emphasize Knowledge Management in Service Design, CEM and customer journey. That is why this post in included here!.

Found at Does Your Content Lead to Service Innovation or a Veneer of Expertise? | The Bloom Group.

Companies with savvy marketers spend lots of time determining how to market a piece of compelling “thought leadership” content, especially one based on deep primary research. What blog posts can we create, and what bloggers should we contact? What about a webinar series? What opinion articles can we craft, and which publications should we target?  Is there a worthy Harvard Business Review or Sloan Management Reviewsubmission here? Perhaps even the basis for a book?

But I rarely see companies spending a similar amount of time determining how to use that content in their services.


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