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Why is user experience and design important for your organisation? How can user experience design bring value? How to measure this value? What are the benefi…

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This should be on your holiday reading list 2015: Connected by design

Yes, i’m a little bit late with this review. However, as the holiday season comes close, this is a  fine opportunity for me to deliver my readers my thoughts.

For me, old class management was amongst others always about the advantages and disadvantages of horizontal versus vertical integration in any enterprise or industry. And now  R/GA’s Barry Wacksman  together with Chris Stutzman identified another route to thrive: functional integration in their book Connected by Design.

Why read this book.

New school marketing, management and leadership deals with another reality in this decade. If you believe that competition takes place in an ecosystem and that all elements in that network can benefit from that, then carry on.

Connected by DesignThis book expands on the concept of functional integration originally introduced to the world at Cannes in 2012 and explains how world-class brands such as Nike have driven digital business transformation by building connected ecosystems that enhance customer experiences. Apple’s approach is outlined and you get excellent inside-information about what the real challenges were within Apple.

The seven principles of Connecting by design are:

  1. Utility is relevance
  2. Context is king
  3. Synergy captures customers
  4. Reimagine value creation
  5. Redesign value delivery
  6. Redirect toward value capture
  7. Lead like the world depends on it

Service designers need to understand these aspects. in order to break free from traditional silo based approaches.

The authors describe what is going on, why their concept  works and how other organizations can benefit from it, in any  industry.

Look at the table of content to get a better understanding of the underlying concept of Functional Integration.

But words of warning are still necessary.

First, you will probably still struggle with digital disruption and permanent change to thrive. And even more important, functional integration is misleading because value has an emotional connotation too. At last,for those working in SMB or public institutions, applying the concept will be very tough in those silo-based environments.

For the moment: get started by connecting to Connected by Design.

Connected by Design is a must-read book for anyone who wants to understand how to live, survive and thrive in ourdigital age.

Further tips (via Peter Kim)

You can download and read the book’s introduction here.

While you’re at it, check out Part 3 of this video to hear Barry explain the concept of Functional Integration.


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Map Your Business Model Network

In a previous post we described fourteen ways to apply the Business Model
Canvas. In this post we elaborate on the idea of using the Canvas to better
understand external parties (such as customers, competitors, and partners).
By better understanding their businesses you’ll come to know their
motivations for working with you or against you and you’ll understand their
possibilities and constraints.

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Mary Seng ~ Happily Grey

Mary Seng ~ Happily Grey


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Service Innovation Handbook (Kimbell, 2015)

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