Service innovation in a digital world | McKinsey & Company

New digital upstarts are threatening the bottom lines, growth prospects, and even business models of traditional service providers. It’s time for incumbents to innovate—or be left behind. A McKinsey Quarterly article.

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Q: Does motivation matters in public sector innovation A: Nesta’s why

The last decade has seen the rise of behavioural economics and a growing interest in using it, together with behavioural psychology, to understand how behaviou…

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Service innovation leadership playbook by Fred Zimny

The service innovation leadership playbook provides you with the capability to understand and transform service developments.

Service has become the dominant paradigm of this new era.

The playbook includes papers, report and thesis’s.

For any reflection, please contact the author at fjg.zimny@serve4impact.com

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Q: Successful Service Transformation? A: a Framework

Nick Frank Service Management consultant at Noventum brings his year long series of features to a close as he outlines a road map for service transformation

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Q: Challenges Faced by Service Companies? A: Bruce Temkin on Service Innovation and New Trends


By Darima Fotheringham Bruce Temkin, CCXP, is a Co-Founder & Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and the Managing Partner of Temkin Group. He is widely viewed as a leadin…

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Nissan’s Forthcoming Smart Rearview Mirror


Don’t you hate it when the view through your rearview mirror is obscured by the rear seat headrests, or that hitchhiking drifter that you picked up? Back when I still owned a car, I pulled the rear headrests out of my ’01 Golf just so I could get a clear view. Then there’s this ridiculous design trend we have now for absurdly chunky C-pillars, which completely obscure your view of whatever’s behind your car’s rear quarters.

Nissan is addressing this with their forthcoming Smart Rearview Mirror, which they’re unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show:

It’s so simple, and so elegant, that we can’t imagine a future where the automakers that aren’t already developing their own versions can resist piling on. And I like the way the interface mimics the traditional dimming effect, where you just flick the little angle-changer behind the mirror.


Now that they’ve got this together, the question is—why not have it be persistent?


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Finding the Sweet Spot: User Experience Design, Service Design, etc.

Polienne | a personal style diary: MANGO SALE AT VENTE EXLUSIVE

Polienne | a personal style diary: MANGO SALE AT VENTE EXLUSIVE

Differences and definitions of User Experience Design, Service Design, Information Architecture, and Enterprise Architecture.

User Experience Design – Designs the interface of the experience.

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