Q: Successful Service Transformation? A: a Framework

Nick Frank Service Management consultant at Noventum brings his year long series of features to a close as he outlines a road map for service transformation

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Q: What must be right in a service business A: these 4 – 2008 – things


Extensive study of the world’s best service companies reveals the principles on which they’re built.

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Is Customer Engagement the Capstone of Customer Experience Management

Customer Engagement is the Capstone of Customer Experience Management http://t.co/nqhqwGybzQ #cx #cxm

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Interesting deck: Business Design (Beta)

Slides for a 5-days seminar at TU München: – Introduction to Business Design – Business ideas from different sources – Designing winning business models – Hypo…

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Q: Digital Transformation and IT? A: The CIO´s need for a balancing act

With the “consumerization of IT” trend emerging a few years back, the industry saw a shift of IT investment decision power away from IT and toward lines of business.

We are sure many of you frequently use the saying “two sides of the same coin.” It usually indicates there are two ways of looking at the same thing, and potentially two different interpretations of a specific situation.

If you look at the arrival of the “consumerization of IT” a few years back, the industry saw a shift of IT investment decision power away from IT and toward lines of business. Business executives were sick of waiting too long for project results and did not feel well-served from their own IT organizations

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