Watching: evolution or revolution in marketing (invitation to a workshop)


Dr. Michèle Paulin, the Royal Bank of Canada Professorship, Strategic Relationship Marketing, hosts two distinct events with special guests Robert Lusch and Stephen Vargo, leaders of the open-source development of the Service-dominant logic.
The one-day workshop (Oct. 20, 2011) features both guest speakers and a four-university panel of Montreal Marketing Scholars interacting with academics and graduate students. The Workshop objective is to create a dialog about the Service-Dominant logic and its implications for research, teaching and business practice.
The morning business seminar (Oct. 21, 2011) is designed for a cross-section of financial service executives. Dr. Lusch will engage participants in a solution-oriented dialogue that will address their current and future realities who realize that their firm’s performance depends on the acquisition and sharing of expertise and knowledge within internal and external networks.
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