Speed Summary| HBR on Social Media & New Rules of Branding

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This month’s Harvard Business Review has a spotlight on social media and branding, with astand out article by McKinsey, based on a global study of 20,000 consumers.  In a nutshell, the article argues that many brands are spending their marketing budgets in all the wrong places, based on an outmoded “funnel” marketing model – and proposes an evidence-based alternative.

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The Rise of Social Commerce

Indeed, the rise of social commerce. This post has a strong focus on sales (and some slight promotion of the upcoming Altimeter Conference). But, indeed a rise because of the convergence of trends in this transition era such as the social customer, the extension of social media to social anything, the different patterns in consumption and the emerging pattern of collaboratieve consumption. And to be honest, i do not mind the fall of asocial shopping.

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500 million Facebook denizens are plotting their social graphs.

145 million Twitter users Tweet and ReTweet.

3 million people are checking-in on FourSquare.

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Reading Social commerce – the future of e-commerce

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Reading Social commerce – the future of e-commerce? – We’ve written previously about the value of social shopping an… http://ht.ly/18lxPS

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