The enchanter: Nabokov and happiness

Lila’s first book, THE ENCHANTER: Nabokov and Happiness, a combination of fiction and essay celebrating Nabokov as the great writer of happiness, was published on May 2, 2011 in the US and June 2 in the UK. Read more about Lila’s books » Photo © 2011 Hank Gan 5 on a scale of  0-5. Related articles A satisfying look at Nabokov, the literary ‘Enchanter’ ( The Enchanter: Nabokov and Happiness by Lila Azam Zanganeh – review ( Lila Azam Zanganeh: ‘I’ve always wanted to push myself to do things I don’t know how to do’ ( What Can You Tell From a … Continue reading The enchanter: Nabokov and happiness

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