Q: Understanding the digital customer A: Use these Six steps from MyCustomer

Ecommerce managers, digital buyers and marketing managers take note.

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Customer experience: 10 best practices that separate the leaders from the laggards

What are the best companies doing to deliver stellar customer experiences?

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How Do We Create an Advanced Experience Ecosystem?

The Internet of Things is interesting because it forces us to rethink the interaction paradigms we have with objects—that is, something is different about our engagement with a smart object versus a ‘dumb’ one.

Source: uxmag.com

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Q: Mobile UX A: Directions for Designing for mobility

Responsive design and other popular mobile design principles are not sufficient to address the fundamentally different context and needs of users who are every bit as mobile as their devices.

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Q: Why The Rise of the User Experience Marketer A: digital

This week’s big mobile search news – that Google is adding mobile-friendly site labels in mobile SERPs – highlights the rising importance of user experience in search marketing. But this crossover goes beyond mobile search.

It’s happening everywhere. Agencies and in-house teams are beginning to realize that the overlap between digital marketing and user experience is significant

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Recommended: An Experience Design Primer – Service Design, UX, CX, DevOps

A small eruption emerged on Twitter in response to my article that covered the Adaptive Path acquisition. At the root of it was a conversation about the differences and overlaps between user experience (UX) and service design. Patrick Quattlebaum, managing director at Adaptive Path and esteemed former colleague sat down with me to see if we could suss out the overlaps and distinctions between each approach. Topic: Customer Experience.

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