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Technology analyst and futurist Brian Solis examines technology, trends and best practices and introduces viewers to the thought leaders who are blazing the trail.

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Trust Me, I’m a Designer: 9 Principles for Creative Credibility by Jason CranfordTeague

A recent study by Demos ( called Truth, Lies and the Internet found that a third of teens polled in the UK believe any information they find on line is true without qualification. Even more staggering is that a 15% of that group admit to making their decision about the truthfulness of the content of a Web page based on appearance alone.

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Andrew McAfee’s Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business

Miss Annie: Pastels.And.Dots

Andrew McAfee of the MIT Center for Digital Business explains how new collaborative tools let everyone create and organize information

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MIT Andrew McAfee’s The Decline of the HPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion)

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Found at The Decline of the HPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion).

Many established companies still practice “decision making by HPPO” (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion), according to Andrew McAfee of the MIT Center for Digital Business. But McAfee says that the next wave of Enterprise 2.0, a term he coined, will see companies managing decision making and knowledge in decidedly new ways.

Read all at The Decline of the HPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion).

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It’s 2012 and you are STILL ignoring Social Customer Service?

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Found at It’s 2012 and you are STILL ignoring Social Customer Service? #facepalm «.

I came across a chart in Information Week’s article, “How To Get From CRM To Social” that blew me away. As in “OMG, you have got to be kidding me” blown away.

Check this out:

Read all at It’s 2012 and you are STILL ignoring Social Customer Service? #facepalm «.

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Design thinking workshop

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McKinsey how effectively executives spend their time

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