Weekend quiz: the % of annual change was at it highest during?

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Found via Andrew Mcafee. Apologies for the intervals.  My answer: the early ffities……

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Recommended: The risk of an internal social bubble

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Recommended: The risk of an internal social bubble – Summary: Is there a risk of an internal bubble caused by the 2…. http://ow.ly/1earDz



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Not agreeing (in a certain extent with) We’re all marketers now – McKinsey Quarterly

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Yes, it is true that marketing, sales, pr, customer services and corporate communications are converging. But still, to claim that we are all marketers. Better use would be customer servants or something like that. What word (future profession will u suggest)?

Found at We’re all marketers now – McKinsey Quarterly – Marketing & Sales – Strategy.

For the past decade, marketers have been adjusting to a new era of deep customer engagement. They’ve tacked on new functions, such as social-media management; altered processes to better integrate advertising campaigns online, on television, and in print; and added staff with Web expertise to manage the explosion of digital customer data.

Read all at We’re all marketers now – McKinsey Quarterly – Marketing & Sales – Strategy

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McKinsey Classics Newsletter Articles of enduring interest




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Business technology for competitive advantage

Although many new business technologies boost productivity, they usually diffuse rapidly through sectors, so the benefits accrue to the consumer, not to individual companies. Yet technology can help them create or extend a competitive advantage by generating hard-to-imitate products and services. That happens, for example, when IT innovations complement sustainable strengths such as new business processes or managerial breakthroughs. Read “Getting IT spending right this time.”

May 2003
Getting IT spending right this time

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